Garage Kit Zombie

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   Need something painted? Just contact me about the kit your interested in. I try to keep my quotes reasonable. Painting kits is one of the few ways I have to relax, and I enjoy each challenge. First, look around my galleries, and see if you like my work. I'll be honest, I haven't built a car kit for years, or ever a Gundam. People, monsters, and other "critters" is what I do. But I'm always looking to try new things, however I might refer you to someone who paints spaceships, if that is what you need.
If there are any changes you want done to the kit, modifications, extra details, or even a custom base or scene, that can be worked out as well. There's nothing like owning a one-of-a-kind piece.
    I can keep you updated through the blog of the progress of your kit. This way you can see how things are coming along, and if you like make suggestions on anything you might like changed. I'm easy to work with. I will do my best to paint something to your specifications if you want something a certain way.
   I have worked for many individual clients, as well as kit producers. I have written for a few magaines and webzines, and currently have the pleasure of writing for Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine.

  Have a look around, and thanks for visiting!

- Thad Rhodes

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