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Lifesize Pieces

Some of the commissioned lifesize busts I have painted


Christopher Reeves as The Man of Steel








Bust from Sam Rami's Spiderman
The last picture is a second bust I painted slightly different.








Linda Blair from The Exorsist. I believe this was a casting from the makeup by Rick Baker.
Since the neck ended rather abruptly, I extended the piece with a mannequin form and made it so it was wall mountable.







This was a 1:1 resin head of Stripe from Gremlins. After thinking about some display options, I decided to try creating the cocoon and him emerging from it. Also sculpted the hand and cut the eyes out. They were replaced with blank taxidermy eyes that you could custom paint. A couple bulbs light it up from the inside.





Lifesize Boris Karloff Bust

Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff 1:1 Scale Bust Boris Karloff Resin Bust Boris Karloff








Lifesize bust of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky.
Extends out to the shoulders and down quite a bit, very large.





Jack Goodman

From American Werewolf in London
One of the first lifesize pieces I ever painted




Joker (Heath Ledger)

Agumented with some real hair, and costume was assembled from pieces found
from the about the web.











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