Looking for Somone to Paint Your Models?

Get your figure models and statues built professionally and affordably.

Getting a kit painted is easy - just contact me about the kit your interested in and for a quote. I try to keep my prices reasonable and understand how expensive this hobby can be. Painting kits are one of the few ways I have to relax, and I enjoy each challenge. Please take a look around my galleries, check me out on social media, and see if you like my work. I'll be honest, I haven't built a car kit for years, or ever a Gundam. People, monsters, and other "critters" are what I do. But I'm always looking to try new things. If you don't see something represented in my gallery, it only means I've been waiting for the opportunity to add it.

If there are any changes you want to be done to a kit, modifications, extra details, or even a custom base or scene, that can be worked out as well. There's nothing like owning a one-of-a-kind piece.

I'll keep you updated with the progress, and so you can make suggestions on anything you might like changed along the way. I'm easy to work with. I will paint your figure according to your specifications, we can talk about different options, or you can just tell me to paint it and I'll do my thing.

Before starting to paint professionally in 2002 I was proud to win several awards including Janus Company's "Best Classic Monster" award at Wonderfest. I have worked for many individual clients, kit producers, and statue / toy manufacturers. I have written how-to articles for a few magazines and webzines, and I currently have the pleasure of writing for Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine.

Thanks for checking out my work and considering me for your project!

- Thad Rhodes

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