Model Kit Comissions & Statue Painting

Garage kit / figure model comissions, statue painting, toy prototype painting, statue repainting, and  statue repairs.


Garage Kits / Figure Models Built & Painted 

I build and paint all types of figure models - resin, vinyl, and plastic. I enjoy painting it all including monster models, fantasy and female characters, superheroes, sci-fi, and dinosaurs. All genres and scales are welcome.


Customized Kits & Dioramas

Have an unusual or unique idea and want to customize a kit? Need a custom diorama to display your figure? Contact me to talk about your ideas and we can bring it to life!


Pre-Painted Statue Repainting

If you think your pre-painted statue could use a little more detail or if you want it completely repainted, I can make your collection stand out with a personalized paint job that you can't get from the factory.


Pre-Painted Statue Paintmasters / Toy Protoptye Painting

If you need a paintmaster for your prototype figure or an exact copy made of a figure to use for a production run, I'm armed with a Pantone book and a sense of urgency to get your project completed on time.


Model Kit & Statue Repairs

Accidents happen and time takes its toll on your collectibles. I can repair paint damage, re-sculpt damage areas, and can make your figure look like new again. Model kits, resin figures, porcelain statues, and toys can all be repaired.

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